Investment Management

Successful investing takes time, knowledge, discipline and dedication – which is why so many people choose to invest with help from experts. At Daybreak Wealth we can manage your investments for you, or give you advice on all your investment decisions aligned with your wealth plan.

However much involvement you would like, you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. Our advisers are qualified and experienced investment professionals underpinned by a disciplined, rigorous, research backed investment process. Our investment management services give you all the benefits of our expertise in research, portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management. With access to exclusive investment opportunities not available on the open market, we have all the sophistication of a private bank, coupled with the integrity and personal touch of a small business.

As a client you can access our investment services on either an advisory or discretionary basis. Both are built using the best practice portfolio management techniques leveraging extensive experience working at the world’s foremost global private banks and investment houses. Access to exceptional external research allows us to analyse the global economic environment, the market cycle, scrutinise asset valuations and select expert fund managers and direct investments, constructing a portfolio of investments diversified across asset classes.

Advisory Investment Service

(Client Directed)

If you would like to be involved in the investment decisions made for your portfolio, our advisory service may be ideal for you. Your adviser will interpret investment recommendations within the context of your individual circumstances, ensuring a tailored advice service. You can then choose whether to follow the investment recommendations you receive.

Managed Discretionary Account


If you would prefer the day-to-day management of your portfolio to be handled by us, our discretionary management service may be well suited to you. This service means adjustments to asset allocation and the investments held in your portfolio will be handled by us, along with day-to-day portfolio administration.

Your investment adviser will have a detailed understanding of your investment requirements, your goals and how much risk you feel comfortable with. Ongoing communications with your adviser will keep you informed, providing detailed reporting and a feedback loop if changes are required.

We aim to preserve and grow your wealth

Our clients are not necessarily averse to taking risks with their money, but they are sensitive to losses. We create portfolios that should benefit from rising markets while limiting losses when markets fall.

Ongoing Monitoring

We review our investment portfolios continually to ensure they reflect our latest market views, and to ensure they remain in line with our investors’ aims and attitudes to investment risk.

Sustainable and ethical investing

At Daybreak Wealth we believe that the key themes associated with sustainability are now the mainstream for businesses and consumers. They provide an attractive investment opportunity as the global economy becomes more focused on sustainability.

The United Nations’ have set a clear blueprint for how we achieve a better and more sustainable future for all and allow for greater reporting of the impact of investments beyond standard financial return calculations.

Businesses and governments are also making historic commitments on environmental issues such as carbon emissions, climate change and single-use plastic. Consumer behaviour is changing, adding to the clear tailwinds behind sustainably focused companies.

Choosing sustainable and ethical investments is not easy. There are many different approaches and no common terminology, meaning investors must navigate a green maze of definitions, abbreviations and buzzwords. Greenwashing – where businesses and investments claim to be greener than they really are – is rife too.

Daybreak Wealth offers advice on navigating these issues and tailored ESG friendly portfolios which will mirror your personalised values and preferences.

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